Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients for chocolate mousse
For 4 people
170 g dark chocolate pastry
8 cl of whole hot milk
1 egg yolk
4 egg whites
20 grams of sugar
Now what do we do?
1-Melt the chocolate cut into pieces in the Marie bath until it is smooth and shiny.
2-Pour on melted hot (but not boiling) chocolate. Mix with a bride and finish with the whip to make the texture smooth.
3-Add egg yolk in the preparation of melted dark chocolate/milk when it is warm. Incorporate the egg yolk in a whip.
4- Start climbing the egg whites in snow. When they start coughing, slowly pour the semolina sugar. Keep whipping until a bird’s nest is formed.
5- In a large container, put the chocolate mixture and add a third of the egg whites in snow. Whip hard to relax the chocolate mix (and without worrying about breaking the whites).
6-Pour the rest of the egg whites in snow and this time gently incorporate them with a maryse and lifting your device.
7-Pour the preparation into cups/crews and let it be taken in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours. Pause some chocolate notes before serving and tasting

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