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A good ticket lawyer or movie popcorn: can both bring a smile to your face?

How much does it cost to go to the cinema nowadays? If you like good legal drama, for the cost of a bucket of movie popcorn and a big soft drink, you can see a good ticket attorney advocating for you in court. It may not be a convincing plot, but the happy ending will be real and will be yours, not the fantasy of a Hollywood screenwriter.

But can a good ticket attorney really make it happen? The short answer is yes, because like any good attorney they know how to argue the technical aspects that drive the rest of us to sleep. They also know how to recognize which tickets will not be declined. Where a ticket complies with a particular state’s transportation law letter, penal code and criminal procedure code, unless the officer in charge fails to appear to give evidence, dismissal will likely not be on the cards. These tickets are always mortgaged, as the defendant agrees to delay sentencing, a fine and some court costs. As long as the postponement period has been completed without incident and the fine and costs have been paid, the ticket will never appear on the driving record. Even in these circumstances though, a good ticket attorney can help reduce fines and shorten the delay period.

If your driving record hasn’t been good yet, a good ticket attorney is a great resource. When you receive a ticket for an impact offense (usually a violation of state, municipal, or county transportation law), you are entering what may appear to be Kafka’s nightmare; Local or municipal traffic court. The kind of place where you get stuck in a circular holding pattern as you go from writer to writer. While it may seem like a bureaucratic maze, the traffic court of good ticket attorneys is a negotiator’s paradise.

City and county prosecutors will not share this with you, but they are more than willing to negotiate with your attorney. Most people who have been cited in traffic crimes do not realize this and choose to pay their tickets rather than hire a lawyer to challenge them. As a result, these law-abiding citizens pay more fines and are placed on probation for longer periods.

Just rolling over and pushing without making a fuss can lead to an even more serious negative consequence: It’s a conviction on your driving record. The costs of such a conviction can quickly add up and overshadow any immediate financial damage. A single ticket can increase insurance premiums, suspend your driver’s permit, and state surcharges that are imposed on you. If you are a truck driver and have a CDL, it can cost you your livelihood.

If you’re in a situation where you’re wondering if hiring a ticket attorney is a good idea, you should probably hire one.

A good ticket attorney can effectively communicate with the city, county, and state apparatus on your behalf. The lawyer knows the vocabulary and can speak the language. The trump card for your attorney is the ability to litigate – to try your case before a judge and jury. This creates a huge incentive to settle with you – after all, no prosecutor wants to spend their time trying traffic violation cases. It’s hard to miss the leverage that a good ticket attorney can have on a prosecutor, especially when the cost of this type of legal representation is relatively cheap.

So, why do lawyers do this?

Don’t be too surprised if they tell you that it’s the quickest way they find that brings a smile of real gratitude to their customers’ face.

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