Moroccan Chicken Gyros


Moroccan-spiced chicken breasts sliced and served gyro style with tons of vegetables and topped off with a zingy tahini sauce. This is a healthy sandwich that makes for an amazingly delicious lunch or dinner.

Chicken is such a versatile food to cook with. If you’re looking for a unique way to prepare it, try your hand at these Moroccan-inspired chicken gyros! The secret is in the mixture of 7 herbs and spices that we coat the chicken breast in. Pop it in the oven for under an hour and the results are tender, juicy, and flavorful! This recipe is a favorite here at The Stay At Home Chef. It’s a simple meal that is full of flavor, and it’s also light and healthy and packed full of vegetables. While our chicken gyro recipe has little to nothing to do with a traditional Greek gyro, this tasty sandwich is inspired by Gyro sandwiches and the flavors of Morocco for a fusion combination that is sure to inspire. 

How Do You Pronounce The Word Gyro?

First things first, you may be wondering about the correct pronunciation of the word gyro. You may have already heard it as “hee-row” or “jai-row,” but the correct way to say it is “yee-row.” Phonetically, gyro = “Yee-row.” Now you know! 

What’s a Traditional Gyro ? …..


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